International Poultry Welfare Alliance


The International
Poultry Welfare Alliance

is a multistakeholder initiative that supports ethically, socially, scientifically, and economically responsible sustainable poultry production.

We are the International Poultry Welfare Alliance – the Home for Poultry Welfare Information.

The International Poultry Welfare Alliance serves as an independent global resource on poultry welfare. IPWA is a diverse and driven group of organizations, companies, and individuals committed to continuously advancing poultry welfare around the world. Our work includes fostering open communication, sharing best practices, and supporting credible research and innovation that advances poultry welfare.

The International Poultry Welfare Alliance is the go-to, independent global resource on poultry welfare — Where everyone has an equal seat at the table.


Experts tasked with improving their poultry welfare programs recognized a need for an unbiased resource focused on tackling the complexities of poultry welfare at the global level.

They needed an independent organization to include all the diverse stakeholder perspectives fairly, analyze and bring forward trusted resources more rapidly, and provide the transparency necessary for true accountability and progress.

That’s where we come in.

KWI Guides are available in English or Spanish

Driving Poultry Welfare Improvements through Assessment


The International Poultry Welfare Alliance is delighted to introduce its Key Welfare Indicator Guides, featuring a comprehensive list of outcomes-based key welfare indicators with standardized measurement instructions suitable for diverse poultry species and production stages. Aimed at incorporating welfare assessments into poultry management, these guides drive continuous improvements.

Developed with extensive stakeholder engagement, they serve as a foundational tool grounded in proven scientific principles for assessing poultry welfare consistently worldwide. Updates to the KWI Guides will align with emerging science, technology, and learnings.

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IPWA Five Pillars

IPWA's five pillars help define the scope of the organization, the strategic goals, and the efforts to continuously improve poultry welfare.

Poultry Health and Well-Being

Improving the humane handling, care and treatment of poultry throughout their life.

Food Safety and Security

Optimizing food safety and food security through changes and innovation without compromising poultry welfare.

Communication and Education

Providing a platform for open and transparent communication among all stakeholders.

Efficiency and Sustainability

Facilitating a collaborative, proactive atmosphere that provides a platform for innovation in animal welfare practices that improve poultry sector sustainability and production efficiency.

Research and Innovation

Supporting and promoting scientific research and innovation to advance the understanding and improvement of poultry welfare.

IPWA Strategic Plan

Vision statement:

The International Poultry Welfare Alliance is the catalyst for continuous improvement in global poultry welfare that is socially, environmentally, and economically viable.

Mission statement:

We continuously advance poultry welfare by fostering open dialogue, sharing best practices, and supporting science-based research via a global, multi-stakeholder alliance.