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IPWA Mission Statement

To continuously advance poultry welfare by fostering open dialogue, sharing best practices, and supporting science-based research via a global, multi-stakeholder alliance.

IPWA Vision Statement

To drive overall improvement of poultry welfare while improving the sustainability of global poultry production in a manner that is ethically, socially, environmentally and economically viable.

US-RSPE Mission Statement

To advance, support and communicate continuous improvement in sustainability through leadership, innovation, multi-stakeholder engagement and collaboration.

US-RSPE Vision Statement

The U.S. Poultry and egg value chain is the trusted global leader in being environmentally sound socially responsible, and economically viable.

Member Responsibilities

Membership obligations apply to all IPWA and US-RSPE members and include:

  • Upholding the Vision, Mission, and Policies and Procedures of IPWA and US-RSPE.
  • Demonstrating their desire and ability to engage in constructive dialogue to further the goals of the IPWA and the US-RSPE.
  • Ensuring a strong commitment to IPWA and US-RSPE objectives via adequate financial and personnel resources.
  • Paying the annual membership fee on a timely basis.
  • Supporting and contributing to the outcome of the committee(s) and/or working group(s) of the IPWA / US-RSPE in which they are involved.
  • Providing leadership within their area of the poultry value chain and constituency group.
  • Adhering to U.S. anti-trust laws.

Admission Request

  • For more information, contact the Executive Director for the IPWA and US-RSPE at Ryan Bennett at

I hereby agree to uphold the membership obligations of the US-RSPE and the IPWA.