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July 2021
Expert Panel: Improvements in Poultry Welfare Research and On-Farm Management   
  • Karen Christensen, Ph.D., senior director of animal well-being, Tyson Foods
  • Ken Martin, broiler production manager, Fieldale Farms
  • Mark Cooper, Ph.D., managing director, global genetics, Cobb-Vantress
Poultry welfare has come a long way. Innovations in management, research and genetics have all contributed to advancements, and they continue at a rapid pace. Three poultry experts recently discussed some of the leading challenges and solutions in development at the Chicken Marketing Summit, held in the United States in July 2021. Read on to access these experts' insights.

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IPWA Five Pillars

IPWA's five pillars help define the scope of the organization, the strategic goals, and the efforts to continuously improve poultry welfare.

Poultry Health and Well-Being

Improving the humane handling, care and treatment of poultry throughout their life.

Food Safety and Security

Optimizing food safety and food security through changes and innovation without compromising poultry welfare.

Communication and Education

Providing a platform for open and transparent communication among all stakeholders.

Efficiency and Sustainability

Facilitating a collaborative, proactive atmosphere that provides a platform for innovation in animal welfare practices that improve poultry sector sustainability and production efficiency.

Research and Innovation

Supporting and promoting scientific research and innovation to advance the understanding and improvement of poultry welfare.