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IPWA Webinar: Supply Chain Collaboration and Engagement on Animal Welfare

IPWA is a global multi-stakeholder organization that focuses on collaboration and coordination throughout the entire supply chain to improve animal welfare. This webinar will focus on one example of how a breeder, integrator/processor, and foodservice company are working together in a coordinated and collaborative manner to drive continuous improvement in animal welfare outcomes throughout the supply chain. A panel of 3 speakers (Kate Barger-Weathers, Cobb-Vantress; Ken Opengart, Tyson Foods; Banks Baker, McDonalds) will ...more

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August 2020

IPWA Webinar: Bird's Eye View: Innovative Perspectives on Lighting and Welfare for Poultry

Lighting is an important environmental factor that influences the welfare of poultry. As new research and innovation in poultry lighting continue to emerge, these speakers will share what they have learned through their research and real-world experience with different lighting systems and programs for poultry.
Speakers will address the following topics:
  • How poultry see light (vs. how humans see light)
  • Impact of the duration, intensity and type of light for poultry
  • New understanding & research about the impact of lighting on the health and behavior of poultry
  • Innovative lighting ideas to evaluate when assessing what welfare outcomes
  • New understanding about what poultry want and prefer for lighting
  • How lighting can encourage natural behaviors in modern poultry systems while also optimizing poultry comfort and minimizing stress
Webinar is for members-only. Contact rbennett@poultrywelfare.org for more information. 


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